Make candidates choose you

Attract candidates with an amazing career site

Make your career site the place where candidates can find out about your culture, benefits, employees and job opportunities. Answer a question every candidate has: “What’s in it for me!”

Align your company’s brand with your Employer Brand. Seamlessly follow your brand guidelines.

Create and maintain an attractive career site without designers or programmers. Just choose from available templates we have designed for you.

65% of job seekers who can’t apply with a mobile device don’t finish the job application.

Are you hiring internationally? No problem! You can create designated career pages for your locations, teams, jobs, students or departments.

Allow candidates to quickly find job postings that perfectly fit their qualifications and interests.

Grow your talent pools and fill positions faster

What if candidates are not ready to apply or don’t find a job opening that fits their interest? Let them join your Talent Network and stay up to date with your company’s updates and job openings.

Get more visibility with career events

Career events are a great way to proactively build your talent pipeline and meet with the potential job candidates. With TalentLyft, you can create simple landing pages with user-friendly forms to collect prospect’s resumes and contact information.

Career events

Create and promote career events to attract new prospects and potential candidates.

Landing pages

Collect prospects’ resumes and contact information and start engaging with them.

Help candidates experience your company’s culture

Before applying, candidates want to find out what is like to be your employee. Give candidates a sneak peek into everyday life at your office with TalentLyft’s career blog.

Analyze and improve your career site performance

Get valuable insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of your career site. Career site metrics will tell you what works well and what can you improve.

Career site traffic source

Where do your career site visitors come from? From email, social media, search engines, other websites or paid online advertisements?

Application form conversion rate

What is the percentage of candidates that abandon your job application forms before submitting them?

Call-to-Action performance

Find out which call-to-actions perform well and have the best conversion.

Understand your Candidate’s Journey

Eliminate guesswork with our visual representation of all the touchpoints you have made with candidates.

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